My LeadGenSecret Review

I signed up to MyLeadGenSecret just over a week ago. 

As the system promised I received 100 leads within minutes of signing up. 10 emails swipes to email my new list with, (I can write my own emails too if I wish) a load of text ads and a bunch of promotional banners. 

I’m all for Affiliate programmes and I wasn’t disappointed when…..

My LeadGenSecret doubled my leads, as promised, when I got my first signup. So now I’m getting 200 leads per day for life. That’s 1,700 leads over a period of just over a week, growing by 200 leads a day.

In fact at the time of writing this I have even more leads to email. I can email the leads from the back office or they can be uploaded to an email marketing system such as Aweber. Either way, I can send them offers or products of my choice  

I get paid a recurring commission when I get a signup to the system. I also get paid when the signups get signups, 5 levels deep.

Once you’ve earned $30 you can withdraw at any time. I withdrew to PayPal, the transaction went smoothly, the money was deposited within a couple of hours.                                                                                                         

I’ve already earned recurring income that will pay my monthly fees And I’ve made my initial outlay back too, so now I can concentrate on building my team and my audience.  

One thing I don’t like about the system is:

You can only send 1 email a day.  Not a problem if you’re a newbie because it’s enough to contend with.

Did I mention that the cost works out at $1 a day

Much cheaper than Solo Ads  

If you want my secret to getting 100-200 leads per day to send your
offers and products to Stop and check out this short video 

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