My $1 Dollar Travel Business

As usual when I try something new, I like to add a little bit about it here

So… I got wind of this Global Travel Business and quickly signed up for a month, I mean, who doesn’t want their own travel biz? 

It’s available Globally and beats Expedia, and

It’s a membership site, so the offers of savings are for members only.
I started for just One Dollar although, I know now that it’s better to join at the Gold level at $20 or even Platinum at $100 because there are so many more benefits to be had,  much, more than I want to write about here. but you can follow this link and watch the company video to get the full wack of what you can actually do with this. 

It’s available Globally and beats Expedia, and

I was shocked to see that they offer

  • Up to 75% Discounts On 1 Million Hotel Rooms
  • Up To 90% off on 40,000 Condos
  • The ability to earn commissions 10 Levels Deep
  • A $1 trial is all you need to start your business
  • A forced matrix 
  • Training
  • Personal Development

If you love taking your family on vacation and you want to save some serious cash, this is for you! 

If you’re serious about making money and taking vacations at discount prices, and much, much more, This is for you too!

You will need to sign up two people to be able to access the commission side of this but the video below explains how you can do this.

  • Watch the company Video Here It explains everything you need to know
  • Claim your One Dollar Trial and join the team 

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